Sentral Education  


Communication App

The Opportunity

Sentral Education is a specialised learning and management software company servicing over 1800 customers in the Australian education sector. After identifying a need to enhance communication between parents and their children’s schools, Sentral Education approached us with the objective of developing a mobile application to deliver real-time notifications from schools to parents. Fundamentally, Sentral Education wanted the application to be easy to navigate with a fresh aesthetic, compatible with multiple operating systems, and functional across all devices.

Leafcutter Digital Agency Sydney

The biggest impact Leafcutter has for us is by providing a digital partner we can rely on. For us, it’s not a question of where to go, we know we can turn over a set of requirements, they can deliver a project, understand what we need & we know we are going to be happy with the results.

Antony Mawer, CEO, Sentral Education

What We Delivered

To meet this challenge set by Sentral Education, we designed and built native applications on both IOS and Android to create a consistent user experience across these competing operating systems. We created a base platform that Sentral Education can build upon in the future with the ability to integrate with schools’ web portals.


Key Features

Key Features of the Mobile Application are:

  • Push Notifications: Send instant push notifications to parents to notify them of a new message from the school.

  • Payment Gateway: Receive payments and record them. Eliminate manual handling of payments and increase payment convenience for parents.

  • Instant Messaging: Communicate swiftly and easily. All communication with parents is recorded for monitoring.

  • Homework Management: Let parents know what needs to be done, when.

  • Track Information: Easy access and reporting – all data is stored automatically and readily available.


The Results

The native applications we designed and built for Sentral Education have not only given the company a communicative edge over its competitors in the education market, but have also empowered parents with the ability to manage and control their child’s education in real-time.
Going forward, Sentral Education is in a good position to effectively respond to the ever-evolving needs of students, parents and schools.