The Outdoor Life Group

Maximising Efficiencies

with Shopify

The Challenge

The Outdoor Life Group (OLG) is a retail group that combines the best outdoor products from around the world with staff who have extensive knowledge of outdoor adventures and travel. OLG owns two e-commerce brands, namely Trek & Travel and Mountain Equipment. Before the OLG approached our digital agency, both e-commerce brands were operating from an outdated and discontinued bespoke e-commerce platform.  We re-platformed their e-commerce stores and migrated their existing categories and product data over to Shopify, a modern and scalable e-commerce platform.

Leafcutter Digital Agency Sydney

The biggest impact Leafcutter has for us is by providing a digital partner we can rely on. For us, it’s not a question of where to go, we know we can turn over a set of requirements, they can deliver a project, understand what we need & we know we are going to be happy with the results.

Matt Eaton, Project Manager, Mountain Equipment

Maximising Efficiencies with Shopify

Both brands, Trek & Travel and Mountain Equipment are operated under the same retail group. We worked closely with the teams of both brands to develop new designs for each e-commerce store. With our extensive Shopify and Shopify Plus experience, we reused components of the site to maximise cost efficiencies for The Outdoor Life Group, while maintaining the distinctive brand entities of the e-stores.

Migration with ZERO downtime

We understand the implications of downtime for the Outdoor Life Group’s e-stores, so we worked closely with their teams to ensure both brands made a fast and straightforward switch to the Shopify platform. The result was, a seamless platform migration as we integrated both e-commerce stores’ existing categories and product data, into the new Shopify platform, allowing both e-commerce stores to run continuously, and without any downtime or disruption to the brands’ online sales.

Flowing with Traffic & Engagement

We also understand how important online traffic is for any e-commerce business like the Outdoor Life Group. With our knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we built both e-stores with maximising the brands’ online presence to drive traffic to their e-stores. After the launch of Mountain Equipment’s new e-store on the Shopify platform, the team received double the traffic to their e-store without exerting extra marketing efforts! Also, we executed a carefully mapped out user experience, and setup of a blog and a host of third party apps (including Facebook and Instagram), to amplify their online presence, bringing them increases in the number of online enquiries about their products.

 Conversion Optimisation

To enable OLG to further increase their conversions of online traffic to paying customers, we set up Campaign Monitor to allow the OLG to disseminate regular communications to their customers easily. With analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager correctly set up for them,  they can quickly optimise their marketing strategy with visibility of the type of engagement and behaviours of their customers.

GoogleAnalytics_shadow image

The Results

The team at OLG have been able to reap immediate benefits; namely, their online traffic to their e-store has doubled since they migrated to the Shopify platform. Also, the OLG team has experienced a significant increase in online enquiries about their products. The migration to a more flexible e-commerce platform like Shopify will ultimately enable OLG to manage their brands with greater time and cost efficiency, placing the retail group in an excellent position to grow in the future.