Fujitsu General’ spare 

parts ordering processes

The Background

Fujitsu General Australia came to us with a challenge they were facing. They were looking for a digital solution to streamline their relationship and spare parts ordering processes with their Service Agent field force.

Prior to our solution, Fujitsu’s process for managing the spare and warranty parts orders was very manual and required significant internal headcount. We created a secure online portal that enabled registered Fujitsu service agents to get quick access to key information including spare part availability and pricing.

Our solution significantly reduced internal head count required to manage the process, made life easier for service agents, and enabled customers to get more immediate quotes to fix their air conditioning units.


Goals of the Service Agent Parts Portal

The goals and objectives of the project were to:

  • Create a secure platform that displays spare parts pricing and availability, accessible across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Provide registered Fujitsu service agents with access to pricing and parts availability.
  • Provide end-product customers with faster quotes for repairs to their machines.
  • Significantly reduce the highly manual and labour intensive requirements for managing the current process.

What We Delivered

Our solution was to design and build a web application which integrated with Fujitsu’s legacy ERP system (EPICOR) and pulled spare and warranty parts availability and pricing data. Providing access to Fujitsu’s sensitive data in this way to registered service agents through a secure login access portal meant that service agents could independently access the information they need to quote a repair job.

To the same vein, Fujitsu head office no longer needed to dedicate such significant head count to managing the service agent information requests. Furthermore the system acted as the new service agent account portal which meant that account details could be accessed and managed and that orders could be placed by registered service agents for spare parts. This further streamlined the process for Fujitsu and provided a significantly improved service agent experience when dealing with Fujitsu products. 

Project Results

Reduced Headcount

Our solution successfully reduced the need for sustaining ongoing headcount to manage the processing of spare part orders.

Improved experience

Our solution sped up the processing of spare parts, enabled faster quoting and saved Fujitsu staff the need to manually process spare parts. This significantly improved the customer experience, the service agent experience and the Fujitsu head office staff experience.

Money Savings

Our solution saved the organisation significant money and returned a great ROI for their investment in our team.