Digital transformation
with Cerebral Palsy Alliance


Cerebral Palsy Alliance is one of the largest service providers to people living with Cerebral Palsy and other related disabilities. Recently, the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) forced CPA to develop a process for assisting its clients and potential clients in adapting to the new scheme. CPA needed to offer a more competitive, comprehensive and more technologically advanced service than its competitors, which are growing in number due to the new market conditions brought about by NDIS.

CPA My Life, My Way Brand

Goals of the Support & Prep Tool

The goals and objectives of the app were:

  • Create a support delivery platform, accessible across desktop and mobile devices
  • Provide disability services to people covered under the NDIS scheme
  • Provide appointment scheduling and booking services
  • Be a one stop shop for all disability support services, whether provided through the CPA or third parties

What We Delivered

Our solution was to design and build a web application which automated assistance services for people with Cerebral Palsy. Rolled out in multiple design and build phases, the Prep and Support Planning app allowed CPA to deliver value sooner and reduce some of the risks inherent to the complexity of the previously suggested scopes of work.

CPA_My Way Brand_iMac

User Experience Design

Leafcutter studied the user journey before commencing on the extensive User Experience (UX) design component, an essential part of any custom web application. The design considerations included the various devices and personnel using the application, plus the locations and access to technology. The resulting product was an easy to use application which received positive reviews from staff.

Developing the Custom Web Application

The initial phase of the application was required to serve as a ‘proof of concept’ and therefore the delivery time was shorter than usual. The technical strategists at Leafcutter determined that a responsive custom web application would be suitable for phase 1, as this would allow the usage and evaluation across all devices; desktop and mobile. This has since been developed upon further in subsequent phases as users continue to use the web app.


Project Results

Proof of Concept

Both NDIS trained and non NDIS trained staff across multiple locations reported the proof of concept as being a positive aid.

Future Learnings

Gained insight into methods of using the form and different approaches used by each therapist.

Successful Prototype

Rolled out a prototype system that can be reused to develop the production system.