A journey of Digital


The Challenge

CBM is a Christian development organisation devoted to improving the lives of people with disability in the poorest places on earth. CBM has a big cause.  15% of the world’s population has a disability and 80% of them live in poverty. That’s 800 million people!

CBM has marked out one day in the year to raise money for the world’s needlessly blind living in poor communities. Miracles Day is an annual fundraising event held in August that partners with Christian radio stations to rally Australian listeners to get behind this important cause. Listeners are encouraged to donate $33 to make a 12-minute operation possible to restore sight for those blinded by cataracts…a Miracle!

Campaign Goals

  1. Donate 35,000 Miracles
  2. Increase online Donations 
  3. Improve mobile Conversion 
  4. Align Design and UX to the new CBM website
  5. Seamless integration to Blackbaud CRM




What We Did

Landing page design, WordPress development,  Online Tracking, Copywriting

The Role of Digital

Like many nonprofits, CBM is on a journey of digital transformation. In 2017, Miracles Day had grown to generate over $1m in revenue with 62% of donations coming from online.  The CBM team had deeper insights about their audience and wanted to make the act of listening to radio messages and donating on mobile, in particular,  a more seamless experience.

The Campaign Objectives

The CBM team approached Leafcutter to take the Miracles Day digital experience to a new level. The team wanted to increase online donations, particularly those coming from mobile as well as integrate the Miracles Day page to the new website and CRM platform.

A focused landing page

By the time potential donors came to the Miracles Day site, they were warm leads. All they needed were simple and encouraging actions to get them to donate, particularly for mobile. We recommended the previous 11-page microsite become one very streamlined landing page. Luckily the CBM team agreed!

Used a mobile first approach

The results from the 2017 campaign showed that whilst mobile generated 53% of traffic, this device only delivered 28% of donations.  A mobile first approach was taken in the Design and UX phase of the page build, which helped to optimise copy and imagery requirements.  Adopting a mobile-first approach will always lead to a ‘less is more’ outcome.

Combining storytelling with direct response

In reducing the amount of content, we didn’t want the page to be too transactional. We selected images that were warm and engaging, making the act of donating to restore sight a positive rather than guilt-driven experience. We worked with the CBM team to enhance the copy and content throughout the page, linking each message to a donate action. A donate button was positioned at the top of the page to drive immediate action for mobile users. We also encouraged donors to donate more than one Miracle.

Ensuring Miracles Day was on a brand

Miracles Day has been such a successful campaign for CBM that it has become a brand in its own right. However, we wanted visitors that came to the page to still feel like it was a CBM experience. In the design phase, we aligned the look and feel of the Miracles Day page to CBM’s new website that had been completed earlier in the year. We made sure the copy carried CBM’s higher level brand promises and tone of voice.

Tracking for performance

Online tracking is such an important part of any campaign. In going to the effort of developing an optimised page, it is critical to track for performance to understand traffic source, device type and actions taken on the page. This sets an important benchmark for future optimisation. In addition to installing tracking, we fully tested every action to ensure successful integration to the Blackbaud CRM.

In conclusion

Landing pages are such an important way for offline messages to be completed through online actions. As you can see from the CBM case study, not all landing pages are the same. With the rise of mobile,  the opportunity to convert from this device will continue to be an opportunity for most nonprofits. And with tracking now in place, we believe the Miracles Day campaign can only go from strength to strength. That’s more sight-saving surgery for the needlessly blind, which is what we love most – tech making a difference!


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