Our vision: A world where all ideas come to life

Our team of digital experts have unprecedented skills and access to technology that are uncovering new ways of working and communicating together as technology continues to evolve. Our team is dedicated to our mission – to create value through technology – for our clients and their subsequent impact on the wider world. To create a culture that drives success in our organisation and for our clients, we have defined a set of six values that helps us deliver better value as a team.

#1 Make a difference

We believe strongly in making a difference through the work we do. We strive to always provide the best advice possible to our clients, and to deliver the best solution we can. Our clients range from non-profits to corporate, and we believe that each client we work with has an important role to play in making the world a more interesting, diverse and better place.

#2 Make it happen

Our team believes in being proactive and getting the job done. We are focused on creating effective value as quickly as possible, and putting in place the structures to make our projects a success now and in the future. We see delivery of digital products as encompassing more than pure technical or design skill – the underlying approach to strategy, the people and the resources required all need to be aligned to make it happen.

#3 Simple is beautiful

We believe technology is most effective when it improves and extends the user experience, as opposed to being complex or distracting. Generally, the best way to achieve this is to look every possible avenue to make the user experience or product simple, regardless of the technology running in the background. Our team looks not only to make the end product effective yet simple, but also apply the same thinking to how we run a project, how we choose features and how we deliver value as soon as possible.

#4 Learn something new everyday

Technology is always evolving and at an ever-increasing pace. To keep up with the latest trends and to share knowledge within the team and with our clients, our team strives to learn something new everyday that will help our team deliver better value in the market.

#5 Work smarter before harder

Technology allows us to find better ways of working, and to achieve greater output with the same or lesser effort. Our team always looks for the best ways of working and is constantly improving the systems and processes of each project to improve our ability to deliver value.

#6 One team, one dream

The best results are always achieved when people work together. Like the Leafcutter ant, we operate as tightly-knit team that achieves success together, becoming an extension of our clients team and integrating our vision with their’s to create effective long-term partnerships.