What is SAM?

Leafcutter Service Agent Manager (SAM) is online software that allows manufacturing company teams, customers and contractors to streamline the identification, ordering and processing of their spare parts and warranty orders.  SAM is designed as a secure online portal to enable your customers and contractors to easily and seamlessly conduct their service business transactions and related interactions.

What does SAM look like?

Leafcutter Service Agent Manager_Login To access System Information
Leafcutter Service Agent Manager_Check Price and Availability
Leafcutter Service Agent Manager_Add Items To Cart anc Checkout
Leafcutter Service Agent Manager_Access User Account Information

Who is using SAM?

Fujitsu General Australia is one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioning units in Australia, known as Australia’s favourite air.

Leafcutter Service Agent Manager

Is SAM for you?

SAM has been created for any organisation who operates a service field force that services previously purchased products. SAM is for you and your organisation if:

  • Your service operation is manually driven and labour/time intensive.
  • You want to streamline the service process to save money and improve customer experience.
  • You struggle with the complexity of managing multiple models and parts and providing this information to service agents.
  • You are looking to reduce human resource costs to drive further competition.

Key benefits

Our platform allows your business to streamline its service process, including the following benefits:

  • Reduced waiting periods for parts
  • Quicker processing of warranty invoices
  • Less data entry
  • Better customer experience
  • Better staff experience
  • Insights and Reporting e.g. model failure statistics & part failure statistics
  • Freeing up of resources
  • Reduced errors

Implementing SAM

Interested in how SAM could work at your organisation?

  1. SAM is a purchasable software package that your team can install for use at your organisation.
  2. Key functionality comes out of the box with the software and can be easily configured to your needs.  
  3. Additional customisations can be made to adapt our software to your specific needs or workflow process requirements.
  4. Ongoing user and technical support is provided by our team, the creator of SAM. Your in-house technical teams can also self administer and maintain SAM.
  5. SAM is also suited to organisations looking to undergo strategic rollouts of SAM across multiple markets once value in one market has been demonstrated.

What next?

Give our team a call or fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you directly to discuss SAM and how it can add value to your organisation’s operations.