Create always-on, context-driven content and communications through Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have not only changed how we consume content and media, they have supercharged our appetites for it. Smartphones and tablets have become our digital companions that are with us all day, at both work and at home. At Leafcutter, we believe one of the most personalised ways to connect with your customers and employees is through mobile apps, and the team would love to help you make your app ideas a reality today.

Our Clients


Mobile User Experience (UX) Capabilities

Mobile technologies have opened up a new world of possibilities, helping your business engage people in new exciting ways.  Leafcutter can alter how they interpret and consume products and content through technology like augmented reality and virtual reality. We create user experiences that are intuitive, challenge the norm and excite your users. Speak with our app developers to learn more about our process:

  • Quality Assurance: We ensure a consistent user experience across your users’ digital platforms

  • Compatibility: We ensure functionality across browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome) and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows)

  • Creativity: As a digital innovation agency we’re passionate about making the next technological leap in your industry together

App Building for iOS & Android Capabilities


As all consumers become digitally savvy, new technologies are emerging to cater for individual demands. With users engaging your brand through their smartphone or tablet more than any other device, it’s essential that your company is capable of delivering your value and messaging on all digital fronts.

Our mobile app design and development team are experts at launching bug free, experience-rich apps. As your digital partners, we’ll ensure absolute compatibility and a beautiful, consistent user experience for all iOS and Android apps.

How to Create an App with Leafcutter

Phase 1: Project Scoping

We take the time to understand your project requirements and future ambitions. Your app will grow with you, and we want to ensure all your current and future needs are met.

Phase 2: UX & App Design

Digital is challenging, innovative, intuitive, entertaining, invigorating and reliable. Don’t just have a app, give your users a memorable and positive experience.

Phase 3: Mobile App Development

We’re experts at iOS and Android app design. We’ll ensure that your app is capable of delivering a uniform and consistent User Experience across all devices.

Phase 4: Launch & Optimisation

Partnering with Leafcutter as ‘Your Digital Partner’ gives you a full systems training session, a one month post delivery report and option to elect us to manage your app.

Our Work

Yeti International

Yeti International

The Tipping Foundation: Reinvigorate Growth Through Digital

The Tipping Foundation: Reinvigorate Growth Through Digital

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Sydney North Primary Health Work

Sydney North Primary Health Network

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WaterAid : Egifts For Charities