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Laravel is an exciting technology when it comes to creating custom web applications. We’ve been working with the Laravel platform since 2012 and have built up very strong capabilities when it comes to creating, maintaining and improving custom web applications built on Laravel. The technology allows us to create agile, scalable, future-proofed web applications that can handle any use case or requirement you might have. As a team with immense experience with the Laravel technology stack, you can trust us to understand your objectives and advise on the best ways to deliver your value and achieve your outcomes. 

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Maintaining Custom Built Laravel Web Apps

Laravel is one of the more popular technology stacks when needing to create a custom web application to achieve the (generally unique) functionality required for your web app. Generally you turn to technologies like Laravel to create custom web applications because the developer is able to craft at free will, pretty much any functionality you require. Creating great custom web apps requires greater skill and experience to deliver on. Which is why many of you who may already have custom web apps need a team like Leafcutter who can be there to support your business and your web applications, enabling you to focus on improvement and growth of your business.

Creating Custom Web Apps using Laravel

We see Laravel being most useful when you have a custom business process that doesn’t quite fit into an eCommerce or CMS platform. Projects we have built with Laravel include custom donation platforms, unique medical planning workflows and integration engines between systems. When you have a problem that doesn’t quite fit into an out-of-the-box solution, we generally look to use Laravel to deliver the project.

Custom Web App Overhauls & Improvement

If you have a Laravel based web application which is a few years old and ready for a facelift as well as some much needed improvement to the overall user experience of the system, then our team can help you take that next step. Our team proudly features award winning digital experience designers and an extremely competent set of Laravel developer experts who will be there to guide the way to improving your application and returning greater ROI. 

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Service Planning & Assessment Digital Tool

Cerebral Palsy Alliance needed to adapt its staff and client service planning and assessment processes from a highly manual and paper based system to a digital tool that better enabled the planning staff at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. 

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