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The influence of digital on your organisation’s success is increasing each year, which is why it’s pivotal to understand your customer, your product and your vision within the context of an integrated digital strategy. At Leafcutter, we’re passionate about applying our expertise to your digital strategy, transforming how you capture new audiences, streamline business process and build a sustainable business well into the future.

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Benefits of a Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is essential for returning ROI for your organisation. Digital strategy is a roadmap to significant improvements in your business; improving the customer experience through social media and digital content, building more efficient business process through automation and gaining real-time visibility into critical operations are all examples of the benefit that digital technology brings.

Developing your digital strategy with us ensures that your business will have the people, intelligence and tools to achieve these goals.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is essential for keeping your products accessible, your customers engaged and your brand relevant in 2016. Leafcutter can help transform your business processes or customer facing touch points using web applications, mobile apps or even augmented reality devices. We believe that the organisations who proactively transform now will realise the greatest success in the future.

Digital Strategy & Transformation Capabilities

Our role in working with your organisation is to bring the necessary skills, experience and passion required to make transformation happen. Like any other aspect of organisational change, there is a complex relationship between the people and processes of an organisation that need to be identified, understood, modified and managed. Our expertise with the different forms of digital technology, including mobile apps, websites and web applications, combined with our knowledge of internal systems integration, people management and organisational structures are condensed into a digital roadmap for your organisation.
We emphasise a pragmatic and practical approach to transformation that is Agile – with an emphasis on continual learning and refinement based on real world results, not just theory.

Working With Leafcutter

Leafcutter employs a strategy first approach to digital, meaning that underpinning every great idea is a robust and executable plan that is guaranteed to deliver results. Our friendly team’s focus and passion for your project or idea is backed by our multi-disciplined end to end agency approach, so your organisation’s objectives are always in sight.

Step 1: Get in touch with Leafcutter
Step 2: Take part in a scoping session
Step 3: Design and implement the strategy
Step 4: Test, review and optimise

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Digital Strategy Work

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The Tipping Foundation: Reinvigorate Growth Through Digital

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