What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a combination of techniques that analyse what users do on your website or app. The collected data contains insights as to how your customers behave and interact, making CRO a powerful tool for improving the sales and conversion performance of your digital products. The team at Leafcutter have the expertise to plan, implement and run your CRO campaigns, so get in touch with us today to start optimising your site.

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Why Invest in Conversion Rate Optimisation

Data, Not Opinions

Get clearly articulated insights as to how your audiences behave and interact with you online, backed by data as proof.

Improve Results & Performance

Use these insights to improve the results you are getting from your website, web app or mobile app.

Achieve Digital Growth Objectives

Knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are is what allows us to build effective strategies and systems that achieve your set business objectives.

Outcomes You Can Expect From CRO

Tangible Outputs and Actions

We provide a report which encompass the insights uncovered in our CRO analysis, across the various sources of data captured. This report holds actions and next steps for your team to implement to unlock greater performance and conversion from your website or app. Included in our report is a quote for the implementation of the uncovered insights. This enables you to plan as well as to to other vendors and obtain quotes that can be compared as apples with apples.

Resulting Benefits

  • Clarity on weaknesses and strengths and how to address them
  • Improved performance of websites and other web based user systems
  • Data as proof to justify actions as well as track performance to demonstrate ROI

How We Optimise Your Websites and Apps

Google Analytics Setup

The foundation of every digital marketing campaign relies on Analytics. If your Google Analytics isn’t setup correctly then you’re tracking the wrong information, leading to poor decisions. The very first thing we do in any campaign is to properly optimise Google Analytics. Here is a sample of some of the ways we do this:

• Upgrading to Universal Analytics
• Turning on Demographics Data
• Turning on Enhanced Link Attribution
• Tracking site search functionality
• Turning on bot filtering
• Filtering out office IP addresses and supplier IP addresses
• Creating “Raw Data” and “Organic Search Only” profiles
• Setting up micro and macro conversion goals
• Setting up goal funnels (if necessary)

User Surveys

Users surveys find out what the conversion process was like for your customer, how it could be improved, what they would want changed, and so on. Asking customers for direct feedback always provides direct insight into how things could be improved, and often serves as the starting point for further investigation.

Session Recordings

Similar to the heat maps, session recordings allow us to record and watch user behaviour on your website. It gives us deeper insight into how people browse and most importantly highlights friction points that prevent users from converting.

Google Analytics Analysis

The hard part is rarely getting the data, but rather what to do with it. There is an enormous amount of information to comb through, and it’s our job to find trends and meaningful insights. We sift through all of the data and condense it into a more digestible format that can be understood and actioned.

Heat Maps, Scroll Maps & Click Maps

We’ll look at where people are focusing on each page to help determine what the ideal design layout would be to drive conversions. By understanding how a page is viewed and combined with information from the session recordings, it becomes easy to put forward a visual hierarchy with your goals in mind.

Live Surveys

We generate a small pop-up survey that asks a very specific question relating to your website goals. As an example, it might be something along the lines of “Is there any information missing from this website that you would like to see?”. The idea behind this is to look for commonalities in people’s responses and see if there are any glaring issues that might stop them from engaging and converting.

Report Generation & Delivery

The Google Analytics analysis and user tracking is recorded over 1 to 2 months, depending on the volume of traffic hitting your website or app. Surveys are also completed in a similar timeframe and finally we include the live survey, session recordings and heat maps. We’ll then compile your CRO report packed with recommendations and real insights that lead to clear actions for improvement, resulting in better results for your business.

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