What is JASON?

JASON is our smart, intuitive Events Registration platform designed specially for charities and Not For Profit Organisations to support all its digital fundraising activities.  JASON is designed to overcome the challenges that many leading charities and Not For Profit Organisations face etc.

The Features.

The Look.

Key benefits

Our platform allows your business to streamline its service planning and assessment process, including the following benefits:

  • Streamlined data capture and management
  • Reduced need for double entry of data
  • Better customer & staff experience

Mobile Specialised Experience

PAM has been created for any organisation who is required to conduct an assessment of a client prior to offering a tailored service plan. Furthermore, PAM brings added value to organisations who conduct assessments to gauge performance and progress on a regular basis. PAM is for you and your organisation if:

  • You want to streamline the planning & assessment process to save money and improve the client’s experience.
  • You are unsatisfied with the tools you are currently using to manage your service assessment and reporting process.
  • You are looking to reduce human resource costs.
  • Your organisation is looking to capture data to understand trends in the plans you are creating and better meet client needs.

The Challenge.

RSPCA Australia is one of the largest providers of animal welfare in Australia. They regularly conduct assessments and reassessments of their clients disability service delivery plans and progress which makes JASON perfect for their organisation.

Implementing JASON

Interested in how PAM could work at your organisation?

  1. PAM is a purchasable software package that your team can install for use at your organisation.
  2. Key functionality comes out of the box with the software and can be easily configured to your needs.  
  3. Additional customisations can be made to adapt our software to your specific needs or workflow process requirements.
  4. Ongoing user and technical support is provided by our team, the creator of PAM. Your in-house technical teams can also self administer and maintain PAM.

What next?

Give our team a call or fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you directly to discuss PAM and how it can add value to your organisation’s operations.