Leafcutter is a digital innovation agency with a focus on unique, tailored solutions for each client. We’re a close-knit and agile team that loves producing beautiful, well-designed and meaningful digital experiences that work in the real world. Our vision is to create a world where all ideas can be brought to life. We believe in making a difference, working smarter before harder, that simple is beautiful and that we can make it happen.

The Opportunity:

This is your chance to join a fast growing business doing amazing work for a range of high profile and impactful clients. You will be joining the business as we enter a new phase of growth. The role is fast paced and highly lucrative for the right personality who has the confidence and experience in selling websites and bespoke web applications. We look forward to meeting you and enabling your success as you join us on this exciting journey of growth we are embarking on.

Role Overview:

The Growth Executive role is one of great importance to our business. Ultimately the purpose of the role is to drive revenue generation, helping to ensure, alongside other members of our growth team, that our business is able to achieve its growth ambitions per our annual budget.

Revenue is the fuel that our business needs every month to operate and grow. Without our ability to confidently and consistently generate and reach our revenue target across the team, we cease to exist. So therefore it is of utmost importance that everything is done to ensure your revenue targets are met each month/quarter.

The business and marketing team members will do what they can to support your revenue generation plans including providing marketing and sales materials (e.g. case studies, proposal templates etc.) and solution advice (provided by the production team).

Ultimately though, your outcomes will be generated out of the strength of your plan for growth. Your proposal will be reviewed by the Head of Growth each month and at every quarter to sign off on your plan and discuss with you how your target will be achieved. We also have a daily WIP meeting at which the Head of Growth and you will review your progress towards achieving your monthly target.

Generating revenue in our business, of course doesn’t have a singular path. It can be generated in a number of ways, we have categorised it per the following:

  1. Hunting – Hunting for new business. Establishing relationships with new people and organisations and bringing in new scopes of work and retainers.
  2. Farming – Growing the value of Existing Accounts. Penetrating further into the organisation. Creating new relationships with new stakeholders within the client’s organisation and identifying and closing new opportunities for us to add value.
  3. Project Upsells – Ensuring project managers managing the projects within your accounts maintain clear communications, manage client expectations and provide assistance with additional scope where required. Work with them to ensure no/minimal pain or disruption is caused to the client in communicating any additional scope that may be required.

Your role will naturally involve a mixture of Hunting, Farming and Project Up-sells. As time progresses, your Account Book, to which you can go back to for farming activities, will get bigger and sales will be easier to achieve and will generally require less pre-sales admin work and pitching to achieve. Furthermore, we want to incentivise you to sell the right type of projects (profitable, in our sweet spot of services), to the right type of clients (mid-large organisations looking to succeed online and run smarter, i.e. clients with larger budgets) – preferably ongoing retained services with predictable monthly fees.

Retained service arrangements contribute to your monthly target, so for instance; if you have a client in your Account Book who is spending $20K/month with the business, then this counts towards your monthly revenue target so you only need to make up the difference. But beware, you always want to ensure you keep volume in your pipeline because if for whatever reason a $20K/month client of yours ceases to continue requiring the service, you will need to have a sufficient number of backup opportunities to ensure you can make up for the gap if one is experienced. The great news is that once you win enough ongoing clients to achieve your monthly revenue target, you have an uncapped on target earnings plan that allows you to keep earning for every dollar above your target that you generate.

Reporting Lines:

You will report to the Head of Growth and will work alongside the technical, creative & PM team members.

Specific Responsibilities:

Your ultimate responsibility is to deliver to the business a minimum amount of sales per month in billings. To achieve this, you will be given the following responsibilities to perform, to ensure achievement of your revenue target:

  • minimum of 500 activities per month across phone(210)/email (210)/tasks (30)/meetings (30) – this will be tracked and monitored via Pipedrive activities completed view in the reports section.
  • identifying and contacting a minimum of 30 new relevant prospects per month to introduce Leafcutter to – per your quarterly growth executive plan. Identifying and contacting 30 new relevant prospects requires approximately 2 days/month.
  • servicing of 10 proposals per month at an average deal size of $30K ex GST. Servicing 10 opportunities/proposals requires 17 days/month.
  • winning 3 proposals (30% close rate) at an average deal size of $30K ex GST per month.

The above measures are approximated and are to be used as a guide from which variance are acceptable, provided targets are being met. Variance and performance is to be reviewed with the Head of Growth.

Beyond this, your role is to:

  • Managing the Leafcutter Brand Perception: Managing the correct positioning and presentation of Leafcutter to the market. You act as the face of our business in your capacity as a Growth Executive. Often, it will be you that people first interact with when coming across our business, which is a great responsibility and one our business takes seriously. Our positioning and reputation in the market is paramount to our continued success, especially in the nonprofit sector. Leafcutter is knowledgeable, consultative, nonprofit experts, technology experts, consistent, great to work with, fantastic mix of cost/time/quality, great digital partner. But also we listen, respect our clients and the people in the market we operate in. We want to be a genuine partner and value adder to the sector, we are not arrogant. Neither are we the pushover who just does what a client says. We add value to the conversation and together work out the best agreed path forward.
  • Manage a client or prospective clients interactions with the business: again it is you who sets the tone and perception of Leafcutter, being that you are on the frontline. It is your responsibility that you ensure you are:
    • timely with your responses to clients and prospective clients.
    • presenting yourself and therefore our business as professional, responsive, organised, proactive and knowledgeable.
    • establishing trust and confidence with the client in you and therefore our business and the solution or our ability to put forward highly relevant solutions.
    • building a personal relationship or at least showing interest in the human factors like who the person is, do they have kids, how did they end up doing their job, what do they love about their job, what do they think about technology etc…
  • Manage the sales process from start to end: performing your activities from contact generation if outbound or contact response if inbound, to building the relationship, to identifying the opportunity, to briefing our production support team for solutions, to preparing the proposal, to organising meetings with the right people at the right time, to presenting our agency and solution, to managing all contact points to progress the opportunity towards a sale, and finally, to ensuring that you touch base to confirm the client is happy as they progress through the project.
  • Work collaboratively with the broader team: this is key as the team are there to support your growth work by providing solution support, past work support, pre-sales support, technical and quote costs support to help enable you to win the work. Upfront and careful planning is essential to avoid potential friction points with the production team resources. Look first at what you can solve yourself, then decide where you require support and why. They are there to support your needs but remember they are also there to deliver on the promises we collectively make to our clients around the deliverables and value that they pay us for. The Head of Growth is also there to provide support and should in most cases be your first point of call prior to involving a production resource for support.
  • Report to the Head of Growth and the broader Growth team: Visibility is key. The broader growth team will share their progress and outcomes with you and you are expected to do the same. This helps to ensure ideas are flowing and that we are constantly looking for the best way to reach and exceed our targets. Your direct report will be to the Head of Growth who is responsible for the overall revenue performance of the business. Your monthly planning, weekly sales WIP’s, and performance monitoring and reviews will be done in conjunction with the Head of Growth.

Some points to note:

  • Farming activities should take less time than Hunting to service and generate more value – more trust and proven delivery is already established.
  • Not all proposals will be of $30K + value and therefore should take less time to service than a $30K + op. The growth exec needs to exercise discretion and manage their opportunity priorities.
  • All activities MUST be ACCURATELY recorded in our growth CRM, Pipedrive.
  • All data on a person, deal and organisation MUST be ACCURATELY recorded in our growth CRM, Pipedrive.
  • You may not arrange referral programs directly between yourself and other providers or clients. Any suggested referral agreements are to come through Leafcutter and the Head of Growth is the first point of call for you if an opportunity of this nature comes up.
  • You may not provide any consulting or services or work for any client or prospective client you have come into contact with as a result of your role at Leafcutter.
  • This is a full time role. For example, if you hit your target with 3 days of effort, the other 2 days need to be put towards achieving additional growth – and driving up your uncapped earnings!
  • All recurring work on your accounts, counts towards your target e.g. if you have a $40K recurring monthly billing client, this works towards your monthly target. Your job is to ensure the client continues to spend with the business and remains happy whilst you find the additional $40K required to meet your target.

Success Measures:

reviewed monthly, quarterly & annually

Activities Performed Total:

  • Emails:
  • Calls:
  • Tasks:
  • Proposals:

Sales Achieved:

  • Count:
  • Value:

Invoices Collected:

  • Count:
  • Value:

Opportunities added:

  • Count:
  • Value:

New Contacts Generated:

Contacts Progressed at least 3 stages in Pipedrive over last 1 month (Velocity):

Additional Items to note:

Developing Accounts:

You will need to work collaboratively with production team members to achieve the growth of accounts. It is ultimately the responsibility of the production team to deliver on each scope of work to the standards set by the business. Deals identified by the production team within your accounts will be attributed to you. You will work with the Head of Growth to identify Strategic Accounts and confirm what revenue opportunity we expect and hope to achieve for that account. This is a huge opportunity for our business.

Events, Training and Support:

The Company will provide the opportunity and cover the costs of your attendance to events that the business has deemed are important to attend. These events are outlined in the Marketing Calendar. You will have the opportunity to propose events you think will benefit our cause and these will be considered as part of our total efforts. We may or may not include suggestions.

The marketing department and/or sales support of the Company will be supporting your efforts, directly and indirectly in lead generation, client and lead communications, production of marketing and sales collateral (inclusive of case studies, etc), event bookings, travel support, etc.

On an adhoc basis, the Company may provide the opportunity and cover the costs of learning and training activities to further your development and knowledge of your role and the digital space. This may be in-house training as well as external training. We encourage you to identify and discuss training ideas and opportunities with the Head of Growth. Any such training needs to have clear business related outcomes and benefits in mind. In other words, we need to understand how any training will contribute to the greater good of the business in helping the business achieve its objectives.

Submit your application to jobs@leafcutter.com.au with a short email about yourself, your contact details and your CV.