Delivering successful digital solutions for Australian businesses.

Leafcutter Digital Agency Sydney

Leafcutter is an innovative digital agency specialised in accelerating change within organisations using web and mobile technology.

Our Sydney-based team includes clever digital strategists, designers and developers who are passionate about creating innovative websites, web applications and mobile apps. The thought-leading work we do with Australian businesses, governments and nonprofits includes strategy, experimental design and digital products.

Our digital agency specialises in the UX, design and build of:

Underpinning every idea we bring to life is a strong and results driven digital strategy. When your idea needs both craft and execution, our clever team employs a ‘make it happen’ approach, ensuring a financial and experience ROI for your organisation.

Our digital agency specialises in the UX, design and build of:


Mobile Apps


Custom Web Apps




“We design and create digital solutions that address our clients objectives.”

Michael Campbell, Managing Director

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Client Projects & Creations

Leafcutter have over 5 of years experience working with some of the most established and recognisable brands in Australia. Our multi-disciplined approach enables us to work all facets of your digital presence, including websites, mobile apps, custom web applications, digital strategy and more.

Digital Thought Leadership

Interested in starting a digital project? Our team of digital natives regularly publish insights and articles, giving you the knowledge that will set your organisation up for success.

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The power of the MVP: James lectures at the University of Technology in Sydney.

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